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Fascia = connective tissue = the glue that holds our bodies together = EVERYWHERE in our bodies!

Someone in the EDS Hacks FB group posted an excellent article the other day. The woman who posted the article commented that reading articles like the one below help her better understand what is going on with her body; thus, helping her find appropriate ways to help alleviate her symptoms. And we couldn’t agree more.

Knowledge, understanding, having a clear mental “picture” of how the body is “built,” and how it operates as a biomechanical machine (because that’s exactly what it is), helps us better understand joint hypermobility in general, and especially “what is going on” with our bodies.

When we have a better sense of what joint hypermobility is, what it is not, and what it’s possibly linked to, we can then find appropriate therapies and “life hacks” to help our most bothersome symptoms — because we are all different!

All the important points mentioned above, are why health education programs, wellness services, and integrative wellness events that EDS Wellness offers, are so critical. These services help people better understand why one type of exercise, one general physical therapy plan, one set of supplements, one medication for each set of symptoms or issues someone has (or lack thereof), or the decision to have surgery or not for a specific comorbid issue, may not be the answer for all of us. We can then move forward towards finding the best wellness plan; that’s specifically tailored to meet our personal needs and barriers.

There is NOT one answer, one solution or one therapy is a definitive “yes or no” rule that applies to each person with EDS or another type of Hypermobility Syndrome. However, having a better understanding of what each type of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome looks like (meaning on a biological and cellular level) in the body, and the various symptoms and related conditions, each *may* present with, not only helps each of us find solutions, but it also helps diminish fears that stem from a lack of understanding and misinformation.

How Your Pelvis & Shoulder Are Linked:

“Biomechanically the pelvis and shoulder are linked. This is what is referred to as a Myofascial sling. 

The hamstrings starting from the tibia then insert into the Ischial tuberosity. This then continues along as the Sacro-tuberous ligament and then through the thoraco-Lumbar fascia. This then continues to the Latissimus dorsi which then inserts into the opposite scapula and humerus. 

Therefore your Hamstrings actually attach to your arms!!!”

Fascia = connective tissue = the glue that holds our bodies together = EVERYWHERE in our bodies!


To read original article, go to: http://www.thebodymechanicllangollen.com/articles/how-your-pelvis-shoulder-are-linked

Additional Information: 

“The Science of Stretching: Fascia, Fascia Everywhere – To understand the function of fascia is to understand how the body moves together.”

The Science of Stretching: Fascia, Fascia Everywhere

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